The famous Volos Tsipuradiko

Tsipourois a local variety of brew in Volos. The places where you can taste it are called tsipuradiko. About six hundred of them are favorite places for friendly gatherings. Small restaurants spread rapidly in the XIX century when workers were needed place where they can relax at lunchtime.

They could buy a delicious food and tsipouro for very low prices. This drink that came from Tirnavos and villages near Mount Pelion was drank out of thimbles. The very first tavern became quite commonplace where people could meet, speak and eat.

These traditions have taken root. Nowadays the spirit and atmosphere of the original taverns were recreated. People are always averse to eat and drink in a relaxed mood. It's easy to join the strangers in their friendly company. You will not notice yourself singing songs in the company of casual acquaintances, having joined them in an impromptu choir.

The main feature in these taverns is a small bottle of tsipouro. It decorates each table and is a great addition to all sorts of delicious dishes. Tsipuradika is open from early morning until late night and creates the unbeatable atmosphere of the entire city life.

Tsipuradika have some distinctive features like grills, frying pans with handles and pans to cook delicious appetizer meze looking like circles of fresh sardines, smarid, red mullet, anchovies, sea bass, tuna bonito and swordfish. You can taste fried shrimp served in a tomato sauce with feta cheese, stuffed squid, octopus, soaked in vinegar, grilled feta cheese, steamed mussels, baked potatoes, and fresh salads here.