Zakynthos resorts for families with children

Every loving parent wants to pamper children a good rest during the holidays. Traveling to the sea has been a classic summer pastime for a long time. Many tourists are guided by ecological cleanliness of the resort, the presence of shallow water and entertainment for children whenthey are choosing a place for family rest. If your choice has fallen on a fabulously beautiful Greece, your attention should be paid to Zakynthos island.

Zakynthos is a paradise for beach lovers and gentle slopes into the sea creating a safe environment for bathing small children and novice swimmers training. Almost all the hotels of the island has playground, each cafe has highchairs. So, Zakynthos has the best resorts for families with children.

Vasilikos is the best choice for a relaxing break. This area is famous for its golden sandy beaches and clear water. Due to the coastal shallows, the local coasts are godsend for parents who visit Zakynthos with children. Vasilikos is very peaceful place, devoid of night parties and discos. At the same time the resort has restaurants, stores and excellent hotels. There are also plenty of options for the water activities: water skiing, catamaran, ringo etc.

Laganasis the place of meeting with turtles. All beaches are sandy with a gentle entrance into the sea. Some beaches has a playground for children, so the holiday with children in Zakynthos turns into a real pleasure. Sea is very calm, there are no waves. The resort is a bit noisy at night, but if you select a hotel on the outskirts, it is possible to enjoy the peace and tranquility. «Meeting with the turtles» tours are regularly organized from Laganas in special boats with the viewing window. The price is 20 euro per adult and 10 euros per child under 12 years.

Kalamaki is a quiet resort for families with children. Its coastal zone is a long and wide strip of soft sand with different kinds of water sports. Kalamaki attracts tourists with its exotic vegetation. Here you can find rare plants such as the strawberry tree, or sand lily right in the sand dunes. Fans of panoramic views can climb on one of the multiple rock formations on the beach to enjoy the sunset. If you get tired of relaxing holiday and want to have new bright impressions, then you can go to the main town of the island, which is located seven kilometers from Kalamaki.

Tsiliviis a lovely village for resting with your child. Tsilivi Beach Resort is located in several bays, it immersed in greenery. This place is separated by headlands and is ideal for a holiday with the kids. There are many small shops, taverns, gaming machines and children's attractions in the center of the village. There is also a maritime museum in Tsilivi.

Active guests will easily find something to do in Zakynthos. Be sure to visit at least one of the many water parks of the island! All of them are quite large and have entertainment for all ages. There is a children's pool and a playground for kids, adults can relax in the jacuzzi. Number of deck chairs exceeds demand and many of them are located in the shade. The cost ranges from 20-25 euros per adult ticket.

Askos Unique Park is located in the north of the island. It includes a nature reserve, zoo and a special area for archeological excavations. Here you can see the traditional wood and stone buildings of the countryside: corrals, stables, ancient cisterns forcollecting rainwater and old village houses. The park is neat and tidy. It is decorated with benches and canopies so you can spend the whole day here. The zoo of the wild live has more than a thousand animals and birds that freely roam on the territory of the park. Your children can feed small animals.