Zakynthos resorts for families with children

Every loving parent wants to pamper children a good rest during the holidays. Traveling to the sea has been a classic summer pastime for a long time. Many tourists are guided by ecological cleanliness of the resort, the presence of shallow water and entertainment for children whenthey are choosing a place for family rest. If your choice has fallen on a fabulously beautiful Greece, your attention should be paid to Zakynthos island.

Zakynthos is a paradise for beach lovers and gentle slopes into the sea creating a safe environment for bathing small children and novice swimmers training. Almost all the hotels of the island has playground, each cafe has highchairs. So, Zakynthos has the best resorts for families with children.

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Interesting facts about Greece

Greece is a sunny country with rich history and culture, which attracts millions of tourists. Greece attracts more than 17 million foreigners and tourism is the leading sector of the local economy that makes up about 16% of GDP. The distance from any point of Greece to the beach is less than 137 km. The territory is washed by five seas: Aegean, Thracian, Ionian, Mediterranean and Crete. More than 40% of the population of Greece live in the capital.

Metaxa is the best-known Greek alcoholic beverage. A unique blend of muscat wine and brandy. Drink in its pure form or in cocktails. The best advise we can give is to try tours for cruise ship passengers, it’ll give you one of the best experiences in your life. Feta is a traditional Greek cheese, obtained from goat and sheep milk. Fatty and spicy dishes are dominating in the Greek cuisine. Mutton or veal are the basis of most national dishes.

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The famous Volos Tsipuradiko

Tsipourois a local variety of brew in Volos. The places where you can taste it are called tsipuradiko. About six hundred of them are favorite places for friendly gatherings. Small restaurants spread rapidly in the XIX century when workers were needed place where they can relax at lunchtime.

They could buy a delicious food and tsipouro for very low prices. This drink that came from Tirnavos and villages near Mount Pelion was drank out of thimbles. The very first tavern became quite commonplace where people could meet, speak and eat.

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